Put your money to work for you
             How Does the process work?
It is an easy chain of events to take you from where you are now to owning your new home.
1) We work together to determine the length of time and down payment required for you to own the home (typical situation is two - three years)
2) You begin shopping and choose your new home.
3) We purchase the house for you.
4) You move in and rent the home for the specified time period while your financial obstacles are being fixed or removed.
you now qualify to purchase the home from us and take over.
                    Who can benefit from this program:
  • Anyone with poor credit or past credit problems
  • Self Employed individuals
  • New immigrants to the country with no credit history
  • People currently going through a divorce or other life challenge
  • New graduates
  • Current home owners facing a possible foreclosure

Amazing southern Costa Rica $150000.00

This amazing 2 3/4 acre piece of paradise is just up the mountain from the town of Ojochal with a perfect building site and amazing ocean and jungle views. Wildlife is in abundance yet all the conveniences are only a few minutes away.

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C.R.E. Investments

C.R.E. Investments
At C.R.E. Investments we are actively involved in many different areas of real estate:
  •  Purchasing single and multi family homes for rental purposes
  • Condo buildings
  • Commercial real estate and apartments
  •  Re-development  and renovations
  • Lease option or rent to own
It is always our goal to make all of our dealings a positive experience for everyone. From our investors to our contractors, renters and sellers we want to ensure a win/win situation in all of our projects. 
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Do you dream of owning your own home? Does that dream seem out of reach? There are many obstacles on the road to home ownership. Poor credit, not enough down payment, going through a divorce, the list is long. At C.R.E. Investments we want to help you get into the house you want now and guide you through the process of removing those obstacles and qualifying to make it your home.

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